Portrait CRUSH - Course. Part A & Part B

Who will benefit from this Crush-course?
The person who is interested in drawing, but finds drawing portraits as a difficult task;
The person who already draws portraits but struggle with getting the shape of eyes, nose lips right;
The person who wants to be able to draw a portrait capturing the similarity with the person;
The person who is interested in art generally and want to learn more .

What is the structure of the Crush- course?
Finally you'll get to know everything needed for drawing and painting a good portrait!
Each of 2 days will have 2h of theory and practical tasks to understand the structure of the face and what you should look at while drawing.
0,5h of lunch break. It's your time to get to know each other with the other students as well.
Next 2h we will make a portrait with the guidance step-by step.

What will I get as a result of this course?
As a result of this course you'll get to know and practice all the knowledge needed for accomplishing a portrait, capturing the similarity with the subject. You'll accomplish 2 portraits from photos with step-by-step guidance. One in black&white and one in colour.

What is included in the course?
Printed tutoring materials for each student;
Paper and a board for accomplishing 2 portraits.
You'll need to have some notepad for accomplishing interesting tasks in theoretical part of the Crush-course

What I will learn in each part of the Crush- course?
The Part A will include:
- Proportions and structure of the face.
- Using light and shade to emphasize the planes of a face.
-The shape of the eyes, nose, lips and ears and the secret of getting similarity.
Students will get to know exactly where to place the eyes, nose, lips and ears.

We'll look at the face as 3-dimensional shape. You'll learn which areas on a face to make lighter and darker to create the shape.

You'll also get to know the exact techniques which professional artist use in their quick sketches to capture similarity with the subject.

Part B will include:
- Colour Theory
- Drawing a portrait in colour.

Learning some colour theory which will help you in portraiture.

You'll be proud of your visible improvement.
Looking forward to see you at my course.