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 Ania Azarenko
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - Greek proverb


Book Ania Azarenko as adrop-in artist for weddings, corporate events, parties, home visits, in-store promotions or PR events.

It takes 11-15min to create a colorfull sketch of a person, 7-10min for a black&white sketch. 4-6 portraits in an hour. It costs $180/per hour to have Ania Azarenko as a drop-in artist for an event. If you want to commemorate your event, an exclusive frame will be added to the paper which will be used for drawing portraits. Size of Paper A4(20x30cm) or A5(15x20cm).

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  • "My heart was racing"
    Ania made such a beautiful portrait for me. My heart was racing. And it was so quick! She is amazing.
    Tracey Vo (Perth)
    Purchased Custom Individual Portrait
  • "AMAZING!!!"
    I had ordered a portrait of a dog from Ania. Blade, he was my parents dog, he passed away a few weeks before Xmas last year. The portrait is amazing!!! She did an amazing job. My parents loved it.
    Laura Vogels (Perth)
    Purchased Custom Pet Portrait
  • "Captured the scene perfectly"
    I have 4 paintings done by Ania. The first one was the picture for my mother-in-law. Her father just passed away. It was a portrait with him. Ania captured the scene perfectly. Great coloring and shading. My mother-in-law loved the painting. The next project was the painting from our wedding photo. And Ania did an overall great job. Love the waves and peope with the long shadows. I have couple of more projects coming up.
    Josh Ribbeck (LA), USA
    Purchased Custom Wedding Art
  • "So Flattering"
    I've been watching Ania works at the market, where she draws portrait skatches. She got mad skills drawing super-fast and focused. So flattered to have individual portrait and love the lily flowers in the background, reffering to my name.
    Lilly (Perth)
    Purchased Custom Individual Portrait with background
  • "My husband was happy"
    I ordered a portrait for our 1 year anniversary. Ania is so talented. The portrait is amazing! It arrived to Turkey a week before anniversary, just Turkish custom were holding parcel a bit too long. Anyway, my husband was happy with the present
    Basia Pajdowska-Okutuku (Istambul)
    Purchased Custom Couple Portrait with background


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